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Joseph Kone

Dear Valued Customers,

We are located in Mali West Africa and we are large gold mining group. I am the end seller and signatory person to every contract and Full Corporate offers. We have our gold in dust and dory bar form and could be delivered in any form depending on the buyer’s choice.

The purity of our gold is 93.5% minimum to give you 99.99% after refining. The price of our raw gold is $29,000 USD per kilogram. We do not ask for the payment of the gold until after the buyer’s refinery result but the buyer has to pay all the export costs before shipment and get it deducted from the total amount of the gold after refining before final payment. The export costs are 10% of the total amount while the buyer will affect the payment of 90% after refining. For your information, one of our representatives will accompany the gold to your country/refinery to inspect the final refining and payment.


a) COMMODITY: Aurum Utallum (AU)

b) FORM: Gold Bars.

c) Purity: 92.05 % like minimum value and 93.05% like maximum value.

d) Fineness: 22+ carats plus

f) ORIGIN: Mali - West Africa.


PRICE: US$ 29,000 per kg

If you are interested in proceeding with the above,then get back to us for our FULL CORPORATE OFFER.


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