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Donald Field

CWMALLS CHINA COMMODITY LIMITED was established in 2010. Its predecessor has had export experience in traditional trading field for more than 16 years. Due to the continuous improvement of product, market, technology, logistics and service, now it turns to an E-Commerce corporation focusing on Business to Customers retail endeavoring to sell high quality innovative featured products (handicrafts, original designed products, innovative feature products, etc.) directly to customers by network platforms. It aims to make it “Cwmalls Manufactures, Global Shares”.

Recent Posts

CWMALLS® Sheepskin Trench Coat Mens CW836063

CWMALLS® Sheepskin Lined Leather Overcoat CW836068

CWMALLS® Men Sheepskin B-3 Bomber Jacket CW838020

CWMALLS® Womens Leather Down Trench Coat CW651005

CWMALLS® Fox Fur Leather Down Coat Red CW651007

CWMALLS® Shearling Lined Jacket with Hood CW836505

CWMALLS® Custom Hooded Shearling Trench Coat CW836056

CWMALLS® Custom Shearling Coat with Hood CW836053

CWMALLS® Mens Leather Baseball Jacket Quilted CW806011

CWMALLS® Mens Buckle Leather Ankle Boots CW706357

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