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Just a few things that popped into my head today while posting:

The reply to topic text area, and the reply to reply text area is a little confusing for me.  I don't know which one to post my reply in.  Have we though about threaded vs unthreaded commenting systems?

Named URLS rather than id=153.

It would be nice to have a user's name seen under their thumbnail, or next to the comment they made.  I find myself hovering over thumbnails a lot to check people's names.

URL shortening?  URL truncating?  In Django's templating system, you can truncate URLS in a comment to a certain number of characters.  It would be nice to have that.  I find my eye is drawn to the URL in a comment (because it's blue rather than black) rather than to the comment text.  

Are there any plans for searchable Convos? At the moment it's relatively easy to find the convo you're looking for, but as this grows I imagine it'll get harder to do so and newcomers/lazy folks will want to quickly search for whatever it is they want...

Eventually not only will you be able to search for Convos, but you'll be able to search for people too! :)

This news makes my inner-stalker quite happy :)

Another feature that would be nice: expanding text box.

For those inclined to write a lot and then who happen to worry about what they say before they say it and do their own internalized editing before hitting the comment button (the edit button is nice for these types of folks, because it means that they can edit away to their heart's content in the event that they *still* manage to make a mistake) it'd be nice to see the entirety of their lack of brevity for the sake of clarity and thoroughness without having to scroll up and down.

Also, after editing the above text, I stumbled upon another feature that would be handy: seeing your basic editing tags around the text, because I threw in a bold up there and forgot to close it and then couldn't figure out where and kept making more bold text...which was not my initial intent.

Which I suppose just means it would have been nice to see where I'd forgotten to close it before deciding it wasn't necessary, for now.

Although when you edit, the box seems to expand on its own?

As opposed to regular commenting.

Like right now,

I see arrows to the right -->

And it doesn't make me feel all right.

Actually, we're currently working on having a text box that expands as you type. I share your pain, Liz. :)

To answer Jonathan's questions:

1) We're thinking through the commenting user interface to make it more intuitive.

2) Named URLs are coming soon.

3) User names under thumbnails gets cluttered but we're working on a good way to convey that information.

4. Truncating URLs is better than shortening URLs because we want users to be able to see where links lead. Authors can shorten links by using A HREF markup in comments.

We're also working on textareas that expand as we type in them. ;)

And two-way syndication on Facebook and Twitter is coming soon so comments and at-replies in those services will be displayed here as well.



We're also considering ways to prevent duplicate comments.

VERY Eggcellent!!

Crap. There were bogons on the ethernet when I was clicking the "Comment" button on my android phone. I clicked it a couple of times, and the results were kind of Egg-Salad-y. Tried to delete the comment via phone browser, and no luck. Probably more bogons.

I guess the yolk's on me.

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