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27 tips to master anything: Key is patience. Don't let impatience derail your plans.

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Business Insider breaks down the 27 steps to mastering anything.

TL;DR -- PRACTICE. A lot. It will take many thousands of hours.

So be patient. And improve a little every day.

If you'd like to learn more, there are many good articles in my 10,000 hours stash.

The story in the picture:

Hall of Famer Bill Bradley was suited for basketball only in height. He was slow, couldn't jump, and had no feel for the game. He practiced three or more hours after school, on weekends, put weights in his shoes, and taped cardboard to the bottom of his glasses so he could dribble without seeing the ball. That was just the beginning of his regimen.

Intense practice with resistance can be twice as effective as what's easy.

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