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Facebook orderedfriends ...

Facebook orderedfriends


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Directions unclear. Penis is stuck in disc drive.

you called?

Pocket dialed.

I want to call shenanigans, but I don't actually know what this list tells me.

See below.

Judging by my results, I don't think this is by frequency, but by most recent.

Some combination of frequency and recency.

mines my mom. I love my mom.... God I'm so lonely.

There's nothing wrong with loving your mom, Cecilia. 


Simmer down, now. 

EXPLANTATION: It is the list of friends' pics which are most likely 2 appear on ur profile (friends section)

Okay, here's more:

The actual formula for how Facebook prioritizes your friends isn't known. We can assume however that they have a prioritized list of our friends somewhere and that it's a combination of the social actions you make (eg who you message most often, who's profiles you visit and for how long, who's status/images you like, etc). A friend showed me what he thought was this list as it's found in the source code of everyone's logged in profile page.

You'll find orderedfriends here:

Facebook orderedfriends

You can then type the numbers into here to find out who they are.

Good luck finding out who Facebook thinks your friend are!

Facebook orderedfriends

 Friends, schmiends.  I want to know which enemies (if I have any left) are stalking me.  :-)

Enemies don't have the time to stalk. 

Ain't nobody got time for that

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