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Pressure-cooker brisket with mustard gravy

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Nouveau Southern dish, upscale but down home. I like the pressure cooker too, it's not just faster for braised dishes but you usually get a more consistent result with no hard spots.

 A little horseradish cream instead of heavy creamm and you'd have the perfect recipe!

I was going to ask what makes something "gravy".

Horseradish cream does sound good.

 This recipe starts off with a good brine, but then goes off the rails in a big way.  Pressure cooking 2 lb of brisket in 10 cups of beef broth for 1 hour is a recipe for soup.  The whole POINT of pressure-cooking is that you get perfectly consistent braising with a minimum of liquid; but also, very few people even have a pressure cooker than can take 2 lb of meat plus 10 cups of broth.

Personally I used 3 lb of brisket and 2 cups of broth and 2 T of Italian tomato paste (the kind that comes in a tube).  The meat came out perfect from a texture perspective, but the sauce was surprisingly light... OK it was flavorless.  Also, be aware that the mustard gravy comes with the hominy rather than the brisket... so if you choose not to make the hominy, you won't get any mustard cream either.

I think the intention of this dish was to make a less-objectionable version of the Southern favorite brisket braised in Coca Cola... but something seems to have gone very wrong with the writing of the recipe.

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