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jOBS: Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs Biopic To Debut At Sundance In January | TechCrunch

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Not sure if this is going to be awesome or terrible...

You read my thoughts...

It feels...rushed. The Isaacson biography was *rushed* in the sense they rushed it to print when he died, but the production of these films starting after he passed away makes it seem like a race.

And Ashton Kutcher playing Steve strikes me as incredibly self-serving. 

It'd be like, if Jesse Eisenberg was a tech investor and than did the role of Mark Zuckerberg... 

" A lot questions surrounded the project when it began filming this summer..." -  like who told Kutcher he could act?

Heh. His acting is not the problem. I worry about the script. What story are they telling?

 Very true. I worry about the script for the Isaacson book. What story are they telling? 

I think Lincoln was masterful because it didn't try to force an entire man's life into two hours.

Neither does the Social Network. 

Ali, for example, ended well...but felt so darn drawn out.

What good biopics/movies are there? Perhaps that's a worthy stash. Top 10 biopics of all-time

The 2008 TV mini-series, John Adams, might top my list.

Gladiator, The Aviator, Schindler's List...

 If Gladiator, then Master and Commander.

 Never watched Aviator or Master and Commander. Gladiator is epic, but I'm not sure I'd consider it a biopic. Schindler's list and Aviator seem like they'd qualify.

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