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Portal 2 Is The Better Portal, But You Better Bring A Friend

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Disagree. Portal 1 was better. Simpler. More elegant.

Portal 2 just made me wish I could play Portal 1 -- clean, elegant rooms, puzzles to solve and a portal gun to shoot.

Portal 2 is like the 2nd Matrix or the third hunger games.

Too much time out of the main thing.

Was the second Hunger Games good?

Yes. As good, if not better than the first. The issue with these stories that are set within their fictional world in an alternate universe, is we become engaged and attracted to that vision of the universe.

Imagine...Inception where they're never in the dream world, or the Matrix where they're always in "real life," or Hunger Games when katniss is not actually going to compete in the hunger games. 

Just not as good. Perhaps Harry Potter not at hogwarts is one of the only recent and successful examples that come to mind. 

Portal 2 spends too much time out of the lab environment that they set up in Portal 1. And it's like, "just give me my portal gun and lab experiments --- forget all this half-life drama"

 I like them both.  What's your steam handle? 

What makes Portal 2 good?

Well, I liked puzzles that only could be solved by two people, but the single person story, massive universe size, new types of portals and surfaces that have infinite combinations and massive arenas to use them in all contributed to making it even more fun.

The nano-gels are amazing.

Gels - Portal Wiki

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