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Pandora’s stock down 18% in after-hours trading on atrocious earnings | VentureBeat

Pandora s stock down 18 in after hours trading on atrocious earnings VentureBeat


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content is king. if you're paying for content and you're *just* the distribution channel, it is hard to survive.

So the content owners have no problem killing the distribution channel?

Shouldn't their relationship be symbiotic?

Certainly. Internet distribution channel; Television, Theaters, and Live Performances seem to be run the same way, no? Increased ticket prices and cable fees. Verizon partners with Comcast/Xfinity. Comcast/Xfinity buys NBC Universal. That is the way they like it. People who agree to play by the old rules and gouge the customer. Netflix and Spotify don't gouge the consumer; they play by the new rules. Which means less control for the content owner. No, they don't like that at all. Artists even now are forced to sign "360 deals" guaranteeing that the labels will own a profit of merchandise, tickets, online music sales, appearances; any and everything. The music industry is what the venture capital industry wish it could be.

 No, the relationships won't be symbiotic even if they should. They don't want Napster, they want competition. So that they're not beholden to one player. Does Apple want a symbiotic relationship? Does Spotify? 

I'm afraid not. Every company's fiduciary duty demands that it attempt to put itself in the seat of power in the relationship. 

RIAA and MPAA carefully monitor these relationships to make certain no one group gathers too much power; I think that should be clear by now. 

ref: Netflix, Spotify, Pandora. 

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