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Gamasutra - News - The sad fate of the free-to-play game

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"In 2001, Alessi played Halo and Metal Gear Solid 2 -- and, as he writes, "both were works of art that I can appreciate as much today as I did over a decade ago."

He nailed it. This is why I dislike F2P. I mean sure, you have Planetside 2, but for every Planetside 2 you have a dozen CSR Racing's and Elminate where the gameplay is intentionally crippled to make you pony up cash.

F2P may make you thrive at the moment, but it's not something that I think will create memorable games and legends like the franchises of yesterday.

There's so much competition for the attentions of consumers these days.

And yet, Americans are watching more TV than ever. 

OK, an update. Someone more experienced than me had this to say: 

"This article is all over the place. His solution is basically only about mobile but he somehow ties F2P with consoles? I'm not sure about what I think about his conclusion. Even if I don't like F2P I have to acknowledge that it has a place in gaming. How large a place is still to be seen but it shouldn't be dismissed out of hand nor thrown out as detrimental to gaming without proof. Change often happens because the underlying turmoil has been ignored. If gaming goes F2P even if only a little, that is because it has been tapped as a solution to a problem that has been ignored. Gaming can be art and still be a buisness. Van Gogh wanted to eat, so did Picasso; just because they started out as merchandise doesn't mean they can't rise to greater things. Consider this, the original Transformers and G.I. Joe television shows were made only to sell action figures, but became something greater; the first season of Transformers is often considered seminal in changing the way Americans viewed animation." 

 F2P games are in a weird spot in gaming. I think one problem is that gamers mostly just see them as cash sucking systems and games second. Which may be right a lot if not most of the time. On the other hand mainstream games are even bigger cash sucking systems. CoD isnt free and if your an average to hardcore player youre probably going to buy all the DLC. Why F2P games are held to this double standard I dont know.

 Another problem is that F2P games are a risky investment on the business side. Why put money into a game that is going to be free and hope its good and maybe it will catch on and make tons of money? Which becomes cyclical, a lack of investment in turn making it a crappy game due funding issues.