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Cloud Atlas Extended Trailer #1 (2012) - Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Wachowski Movie HD - YouTube


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Just watch this....and experience.

A half-finished book is, after all, a half-finished love affair.

Started watching this and got halfway through.  OMG, it's confusing.  It's kind of a cross between CRASH and SYRIANNA and INCEPTION.   I so wanted to like this movie....perhaps I'll give it another try, but until then:

Skip the movie, read the book. 

Think this movie could ever have a sequel?

 Creatively speaking, yes.

Financially speaking, not probable.

It was already a big gamble, and box office sales were underwhelming; a lot of confidence for an independently financed project...

Hopefully, the DVD/Cable sales will make a sequel a consideration. 

I also wonder if there is some kind of contractual agreement with the author, on whether or not they can independently create a sequel without his approval. 

What's interesting, is that it doesn't have to be a direct sequel. As long as the characters return, some of them, I think absolutely they could make a second movie.

Much more likely Inception, ironically, than Cloud Atlas; however, I think Inception sequel would ruin the original, while Cloud Atlas would only make it better.

 Shame is, I think it's tom hanks' best performance, ever :

I think a sequel should focus more prominently on Sonmi 451; the book version is very Isaac Asimovian... 

Better than Forrest Gump? Better than Saving Private Ryan?

 Yes. Better than Big, and Castaway, and Da Vinci code and anything else.  

It stretched him more. He plays not only a range of emotions, but a range of interesting characters.

Tom Hanks is usually Tom Hanks. He *seems* likable, even though none of us screengoers know him at all. Perhaps he's a nasty jerk. So when he's being likable Tom Hanks, I don't think that's a stretch. Hanks in Castaway, SPR, and Forrest Gump was so likable ...great performances, but not stretching. 

I think Cloud Atlas was stretching. He only appears as himself in one of the sets: the one in the 70s with Luisa Ray.

What do you think about a sequel?

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