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what are the chances Facebook buys foursquare?

what are the chances Facebook buys foursquare


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I'd say 2:3 chance right now; odds are increasing every day that Facebook buys them.

can 4sq generate revenue at scale w/o FB and/or remain relevant?

I'm not sure. As Apple Maps has shown, location data is incredibly useful.

The odds are zero. Foursquare will never sell to Facebook. 

 Never say never, friend. Everyone has a price, it's just a matter of figuring out what that price is. Imagine how many less foursquare posts there would be if Instagram sharing was turned off. 5% 10% 25%? 

Foursquare is in a precarious position; not very profitable (if at all), not many active users who use their service via their app (and don't just check-in via Instagram or Path or another mobile/photo/location sharing service) and their revenue story is distinctly different than their initial user story: check-ins and gamification and history of your location.

I think the odds Foursquare sells to Facebook are slightly greater than Twitter, and much greater than Google or Apple purchase, but all four are likely, if not certain deals.

What is Foursquare's alternative? Not strong enough to IPO, not enough active/engaged users to be a valuable enough private company for their investors looking to make a return on their investment.

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