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What it's like to work at Zynga.

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Gourmet meals. Drawing classes. Free massages and acupuncture. Capoeira classes. As much free health insurance for your pets as you need. And the ability to take a day off whenever you want as long as you're getting your work done.

Is this paradise? No, silly, it's Zynga!

The money quote from the article:

"You may have heard these stories about employees feeling stressed out, but honestly I've never felt stressed -- not once. I can't speak for others here, however."

Mark Pincus's vision is for a "loud and raucous" company where people can come to play.


It's not stressful if you enjoy being PM'd with a spreadsheet, look at QA people as being second class citizens, dislike having variety in your work, and prefer not to have to make decisions bigger than naming your ActionScript classes.

What you said and what he said are not incompatible.

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