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Tracking the rolling stones of Racetrack Playa

Tracking the rolling stones of Racetrack Playa


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I need more answers!

Cool. What ARE these?

I still don't get it. How???

It's the time of year when the sailing stones of Racetrack Playa in California's Death Valley are on the move. Probably. No one has actually seen these huge rocks move along the flat, dry lake bed. But, we know they do. Sometime, when no one's looking, usually after freezing weather or heavy wind or rain, the rocks up and scoot themselves leaving unmistakable travel grooves in their wake. Extremely patient scientists studying the wanderliths have concluded that wetter winter weather plays a role in the stone rolling, but they're still not exactly sure how it all works.

Heeey! New icon buttons--cool!

I have no idea--if the rocks move that slowly, why don't the elements erase their trails.  It's very baffling and I want to go check it out directly.  For that, and because it's freezing here right now and that place looks warm.  :)

When I find more answers, I will update you!

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