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April 2012: Pinterest is now the #3 social media network.

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Stats as of March 2012:

"In place after Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest had 104,415,903 unique visits last month alone."

Wow, they just leapfrogged LinkedIn, Tagged, and Google+. Tumblr is waaaaay smaller.

Says Social Media Today:

"Tumblr offers more on its blog platform than Pinterest does with its use of boards, but the ease of Pinterest can’t be argued. The fact that everyone can share anything with a simple click (and not even source their own content) is immeasurable. Does this mean we’re dumbing down social networking and making room for just an exponential content war? Where is the conversation going? Clearly, it’s going away from LinkedIn."

He's right, LinkedIn needs more engagement.

It seems inevitable that Pinterest will pass Twitter in visits before long.

Pinterest will soon be #2 in the world behind Facebook?!


With 67 million monthly uniques 9gag is bigger than Google+ and poised to pass LinkedIn, too.

For some reason I read the title as "Pandawhale is now the #3 social media network"

Ha! In our dreams...

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