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Do NOT buy a laptop yet. Wait till later this year.

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Walt Mossberg writes:

Apple is bringing out a new operating system this summer called Mountain Lion.

Apple is overdue for redesigned laptops, especially in its MacBook Pro line, and it is a good bet that new, possibly heavily redesigned, models will begin appearing later this year.

Intel, whose processors are used by most Windows PC makers and by Apple, is on the verge of introducing a new family of chips, called Ivy Bridge, which the chip maker claims will offer much faster graphics performance without sacrificing battery life. While some Ivy Bridge laptops will be available very soon, the new chips won’t show up in large numbers of consumer laptops until around June.

So, to summarize wait for a laptop but buy an iPad now.

Everything that I'm reading from the rumor sites and the supply chain sources say that new Macbook Pros will be out in two to eight weeks.

Awesome! Can't wait to see what comes next.

Also wondering when the next iPhone is out. I'm a huge fan of the iPhone 4s.

I wish I had seen this yesterday morning, before I bought a macbook pro. Reading this, I am wondering if I should just return it and wait. One of the reasons why I got a new one, was because my 3.5 old one had been acting up for a while (not enough memory of any kind and who knows what else) and makes it really annoying to work on it. My questions are:

. Do you know where I could find more information about this intel and Apple upgrades (dates, prices).

Apple tells me that they are releasing Mountain Lion in the summer, date TBA. Apple chat guy said he had no idea about "ships" (I think he meant chips, the Intel stuff.) You tech gods have any ideas on that?

Hhahahah, I tried to delete a lame-ass comment and it told me that I can't submit an empty comment. Then it called me bro :)

You're a bro, Tatiana. :)

Apple has no idea when Mountain Lion will ship. Probably July or August.

Apple and Intel won't say anything about their upgrade plans. This is all we know:

DEFINITELY return your Macbook Pro. The new machines are coming, we just don't know the details. Could be as early as April 29:

Thanks for the other link. Definitely returning the Macbook Pro. I will try and make this one last as much as I can, even if the sounds it makes are kind of scary and it's slow as molasses and sometimes I just have to go away so it doesn't feel overwhelmed by the thought of having to work.

We can bro together in June, probably. April sort of forgot that we had to go to California.

That sounds good to me, Tatiana!

I hope your laptop lasts until the new ones arrive!!

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