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Hillary Clinton’s Countless Choices Could Hinge on 2016 Election -

Hillary Clinton s Countless Choices Could Hinge on 2016 Election NYTimes com


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Whether or not she has decided to run for President, until 2015 -- in whichever month the Iowa caucuses are held -- she'll be the most scrutinized person in the country not named "Obama."

At 65-years-old.

To be leader is to be a sacrifice for the people; in this, she is sacrifice for the American people that she has had to bear so many burdens: ivy-league graduate, lawyer, gubernatorial spouse, first Lady to an almost-impeached Husband, senator, president-nominee-elect-in-all-but-name-until-she-wasn't, Secretary of State in the cabinet of her upstart young opponent-cum-President, and soon-to-be-possible-Presidential-candidate...or not.

It might be easier to just declare her candidacy now.

That way at least people's expectations will be set.

especially in politics. even pres. obama did not upset the order; he maximized its value to run and win both the nomination (1x) and the presidency (2x). 

sorry, charlie; she can't declare now.