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Google Fiber, you had our curiosity. Now you have our attention

Google Fiber you had our curiosity Now you have our attention


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"You nailed it, Kevin, when you spoke about price points.  Rob Marcus (no relation) of Time Warner fails to understand the reason Kansas Citians (and eventually all Americans) are embracing Google Fiber.  Sure, the speeds are incredibly fast (much faster than Time Warner can offer residential zones), but the price is actually CHEAPER.  At $70/month ($120 if you want TV services), Time Warner can't compete.  I personally was paying $150/mo for Time Warner's services, and that's just too much for the wallet to handle.

What's even more interesting is all the focus on DOWNSTREAM speeds.  People fail to give attention to the fact that Google Fiber and other fiber services offer asynchronous 1Gpbs up and down speeds.  Google Fiber's mantra of "100 Time Faster" is only half the story.  They should be saying "1000 times faster" as well.  And the speed results speak for themselves.  On Time Warner, it took me 13 hours to upload a 1.3GB HD 1080p movie to YouTube (at a measly 1Mbps rate)!  That same video took less than 20 minutes to upload on Google Fiber.

Another point you correctly made was about the next wave of technology that can commence due to the 1Gbps speeds now available.  A startup community dubbed the "Kansas City Startup Village" ( has emerged in the Hanover Heights/Spring Valley neighborhoods here in Kansas City.  These "fiberhoods" are the first to receive Google Fiber's services, and we're taking full advantage of it.  With 10 startups already in the village and more on the way (locally and nationally), the USA entrepreneur community is flocking to take advantage of this new technology with hope it can put their businesses at the forefront of the new American frontier. @KCSV #KCSV"

Hopefully what Google Fiber is going to do to broadband is what Sprint + Softbank will do to the wireless companies.

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