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Every SNES Game for Sale for $24,999

Every SNES Game for Sale for 24 999


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A complete set of every North American Super Nintendo (SNES) game ever released. This set is the result of half a decade of collecting.

 10/10 would buy

Even for $25k? 

 Lol, I have the same for N64, including most of the boxes!  I don't think it's worth that much....

How much would you pay?

 If they were all on blu-ray in ROM form, I'd probably pay $800.  If the $24k included unlimited rights to repackage, reproduce and sell--particularly digitally or for mobile/android/iphone/win8, I'd probably pay...

No, I actually wouldn't. It is impressive though. Just download the ROMs and an emulator to your PC, plug in a wired 360 controller and you're good to go.

 Not so fast.  If you don't actually own the game that the ROM came from, you could be in big trouble. 

I have a friend who has a mobile company.  They spent $20k for a full library of top tier game titles for unlimited use on feature phones (not smart ones).  They were the top feature phone app provider for months in a row and still going strong.   Retro-mobile-feature-phone-gaming--yep, there's still money in it.

I always forget I that don't live in Sweden.

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