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The 49ers are building the smartest stadium anyone has ever seen.

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49ers CEO Jed York in the Mercury News talks about the new 70k-seat stadium:

"Most people in Northern California don't like to stay indoors, so you want to incorporate nature and be outside, be able to see the beautiful mountains from the building. You need to be a sustainable building. I think we're going to really blow people's socks off with the food and beverages in this building, and the thing that ties this all together is technology. We want to make sure this is the smartest stadium anyone has ever seen. It has to be something that continues to grow with technology and time. We want to be great on day one, but we want to make sure this is something that continues to evolve, continues to grow, as technology changes and people's taste changes. I think people are going to say this is the best outdoor sports and entertainment experience they have ever seen... Our fan base is on the cutting edge of culinary and technology; that's what you're trying to build for.

It seems like now everyone is pro-stadium: "It's so much different now than what people were saying in 2006 (when it was first proposed). Now it's almost like HP Pavilion, where it's hard to find anybody who voted against it 20 years ago, and that only passed (narrowly by voters)."

The goal is to make a "LEED-certified, a smarter stadium, a stadium that really uses zero energy from the grid for 10 football games a year... a software-driven stadium... Sustainable needs to be for practicable purposes, not for show purposes — the simplicity of the design and how it works together."

The whole interview with Jed York is fascinating.

Jed York is definitely the football owner that Silicon Valley wants and needs.

I wish the Warriors owners would learn from him.

It's all about the timing, right? Jed York and his family have been grinding away on this problem for at least a decade and they know everything there is to know about structural and political realities. Joe Lacob just became an owner and wants to make a splash with his big swinging "vision". Reality will set in eventually, one way or the other.

Big change takes a long time.

It takes patience to keep improving something year after year until there's a breakthrough.

1995-2010 sucked for the 49ers organization.

2011 was an amazing breakthrough year.

Jed York was patient enough to wait half a lifetime before he could truly begin working on his vision.

No, he's been working on it the whole time. It just wasn't visible to the public until recently. You're right that it's all about putting yourself in a position to be ready when you get that stroke of luck... constantly upgrading where you can to attract better and better talent.

Slick con job, too. Convincing Santa Clara it wouldn't cost them anything, and now they've got a billion dollar liability. A recent poll, taken after the true cost was revealed, showed a majority of SC residents are anti-stadium.

Santa Clara residents were for it before they were against it, and they will be for it again once it's bringing in steady tax revenues.

In the long run this will be excellent for the city economically.

Only 31 cities in the whole country have NFL stadiums, and we're lucky enough that San Francisco gave us theirs.

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