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Tumblr stats: 50mm users, 120mm dashboard views daily.

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I thought Tumblr would have a lot more than 120 million Radar (Dashboard) impressions daily.

From Ryan Kim's interview with The Creator:

Tumblr will allow brands to buy a presence on the site through Radar, a feature on the Tumblr dashboard which highlights editorially selected posts.

The move starts to address Tumblr’s big question about how it will generate revenue. In a recent interview, Karp told me he was planning on growing revenues by promoting creativity within the network, especially for users who can highlight their own posts for a fee and buy more themes and designs through Tumblr’s marketplace. But the path for brands has been less clear.

Tumblr has tried one-off promotions with brands: in some cases letting them sponsor a directory. But now, with Radar, there will be a regular place for advertisers to promote their stuff, both on the desktop site and on Tumblr’s mobile apps. Currently about 15 or so posts get featured a day and now brands will get to work their way into the mix. Karp said it’s just part of a package of tools that will become available to advertisers. The pricing has not been released.

“This is about making Tumblr much more accessible to brands,” Karp said.

Advertising on other social networks has been constrained by some of the formats, such as Twitter’s promoted tweets, Karp said. He said he’s looking forward to unleashing the creativity of the advertising community within the existing Tumblr blog post format. Radar gets 120 million impressions a day from Tumblr’s more than 50 million users, he said.

So a brand can create a blog and then pay to advertise their blog posts?


I like the sponsored links on reddit, too. Sponsoring a link to your rage comic seems to really pay off in terms of upvotes!

It does -- like a boss!

Hang on, let me get my monocle...


Two years ago Tumblr said they'd never have advertising:

What changed? "We're signing up 120k new users a day."


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