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The General Managers of the 49ers and Sharks are good friends.

Great read. Go Sharks! RT@timkawakami 49ers/Sharks cross-over: Baalke and Wilson on their friendship and shared vision.
8:42 PM Apr 17 2012

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From the article Jed York mentions:

They have very similar philosophy to what we have in terms of high character individuals, building the locker room from the inside out.

49ers GM Trent Baalke says of Sharks GM Doug Wilson:

It’s philosophies, it’s how are you going to build your team, you know? There’s are a lot of different subtleties to how people build their teams, whether it’s baseball basketball or hockey.

The architectures of the teams aren’t the same. There’s different methods that different people use.

Everyone has an individual style. Some styles mesh closer with others. I think with Doug and I, there’s a strong mesh.

I like how he conducts business. He keeps things very private. We like to keep things really private.

He’s not a guy that wants to be the face of the organization, nor am I. We like to do things subtly and behind the scenes and I respect that out of him.

He’s a guy that exudes confidence, has been there and done it for a long period of time in a tough market.

And they’re not a team that goes out and spends a ton of money in free-agency, nor do we. That’s a team that looks to build through the draft and college free-agency, much like we do.

So they're quiet, confident, and like to build teams from young players rather than over-pay for free agents.

That seems to be the way of the SF Giants, too.

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