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Jean-Claude van Damme Bloodsport Fairy gif makes no sense! So here's van Damme dancing...

Jean Claude van Damme Bloodsport Fairy gif makes no sense Imgur


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I completely forgot what I googled.

That doesn't make any sense gif

Here, let me explain it for you:

David Hasselhoff nonsense flying gif

The magic begins at 0:35 ...

Jean-Claude got moves!

Jean Claude dancing got moves gif

Did someone say van Damme dancing?

Jean Claude van Damme dancing gif

Minimal techno:

van Damme just can't get enough!

van damme dancing gif Imgur

Jean Claude van Damme dancing gfycat:

jean claude van damme dancing gif gfycat Imgur

Needs more singing.

Jean-Claude van Damme singing gif

That's better...

Haha! How about that?

haha, how about that?

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