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The Web We Lost - Anil Dash

The Web We Lost Anil Dash


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The sorry state of the closed apps, lots of great points.

What was your favorite point, Benoit?

My favorite point is that We need to re-educate consumers about what the Web can do.

Because people have forgotten.

 Agreed, many people don't even know how awesome open and interoperable is. They may not be on the web if not for Facebook, but still.

Yes, the pendulum will swing back to the open web, but in the mean time, how many lost opportunities to build new large companies on top of Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook and Twitter are bad for the economy. | Benoit Maison's blog

Facebook and Twitter are bad for the economy

 Anil Dash's article encouraged me to write one. I'll argue that Facebook and Twitter are bad for the economy, as some big opportunities won't happen or will be delayed. I wish Yahoo! rises up to the challenge and creates a web-friendly social network and microblogging service.

What would the Yahoo version do differently?

 They could build an interoperable system (perhaps a new candidate web standard) of which Yahoo would just be one client among others. Anyone could build them just like anyone can write email apps or an RSS readers now.

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