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I hate Comcast

@lmeadows So I think I found your guy. He's busy getting coffee and donuts.
1:50 PM Apr 20 2012

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I was supposed to get cable + internet set up on Wednesday. Since I had to work, I asked my sister stick around the house between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. (the appointment window). The dipshit tech calls at 1:58 p.m. (2 minutes before the end of the window) and leaves a message on my cell that I need to call him back within a few minutes if I want my cable set up.

I did not have my phone on me as I was away from my desk, and the tech apparently saw no need to carry out the barbaric ritual of actually knocking on the front door.

So I had to set up another appointment for today (12 - 2 window once again). I also made sure to give Comcast my sister's cell phone number + I have them explicit instructions to knock on the door if they insisted on calling again before coming to the door. So today he calls my cell at noon. I answer immediately, and he glumly states that he's "right outside" and that if I want cable I should tell him so. I say "Yes, go knock on the door. Someone is in the house who can oversee the installation."

1 hour and 50 minutes later the tech has still not visited my house, and my friend sees a Comcast van at Backyard Coffee. Is it the same asshole tech who was supposed to be setting up my cable TV and internet?

Maybe I can find out after I share his license plate # with a Comcast customer service rep.

Comcast meme Princess Leia help me Google Fiber you're my only hope Imgur

Wow. This is why cable rage is in the Urban Dictionary.

I would love for you to make a Comcast Rage comic but I don't know where you'd begin.

You'd end with rage guy.

I love rage guy.

Comcast is nuclear rage worthy.


I've honestly never done one of these before. Here goes nothing!


It's inspiring to see you turn your rage into art! ;)

The KnowYourMeme editor Brad Kim explained that the popularity of Rageguy is because "Rageguy comics (and its spin-offs) tend to illustrate real life anecdotes that others can easily empathize with”. Buzzfeed’s Tanner Ringerud explained that “Rageguy is so popular because of the classic maxim, ‘it’s funny because it’s true.’”


Comcast is better represented by Troll Dad than Derp Faces.

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And Lucas is best represented by "I should buy a boat" cat.

Comcast meme I should cancel my subscription boat cat Imgur

Searching for I hate Comcast reveals many things, but this is by far the most articulate.