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In 2011, more smartphones were sold than PCs.

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Smartphones and tablets are changing everything.

Henry Blodget's slide deck "The Future of Mobile" is insightful and thought provoking.

iOS, Android, and HTML5 are the platforms of the future.

Companies building the best mobile products will be worth billions.

So, what are the killer apps and services of the future?

Saar Gur talks about smart mobile services that know enough about your context to recommend things for you to read and do.

It's NOT just about SoLoMo (social mobile local) apps.

We might very well be at the end of that cycle anyway.

From Henry's deck,

More than half of Twitter traffic is mobile.

A third of Facebook traffic is mobile.


The rise of smart mobile services (not apps):

My dream smartphone service would tell me the next most important thing I should read, given what I'm interested in and what I've already read.

Really hoping that Siri will lead to Jarvis soon:

And it would be nice if my next iPad had this suitcase feature:


That suitcase feature is awesome.

Three years later, we're still waiting. Smart watch, anyone?

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