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Real-Time Research: iOS Dominates Over Android When It Comes To Usage, Says Chitika | TechCrunch

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IOS vs Android

"In the U.S., iOS devices, covering the iPhone, iPad and iPod models, accounted for just under 68 percent of all usage on its network. Android, meanwhile, accounted for just under 28 percent."

This is very much the same thing Henry Blodget said in The Future of Mobile.

Unless something unexpected happens, Apple will be the dominant #1 for the foreseeable future; Android will be a solid #2; and The Mobile Web (HTML5) will beat everyone else. Nokia and RIM are already on a path to bankruptcy, and Microsoft somehow let the mobile future get taken away from them. They may as well rename the company Xbox.

The rise of smart mobile services (not apps):

Android is in a lot of trouble.

1. Instagram reached a billion dollar valuation mostly due to its iPhone app.

2. iPad is awesome. Android tablets are an abomination.

3. Google looks like it's going to compete with its partners thanks to its Motorola purchase.

4. Kindle Fire, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, the Facebook phone... Android has fragmented into 1000 form factors and designs. It's maddening as a developer.

5. It's still really hard to make money with Android apps, whereas many developers have made money with their iOS apps: $10 billion worth of apps have now been bought in the AppStore and they're just getting started.

Before it launched, people thought iPhone would fail.

Two thirds of U.S. phones sold last quarter were iPhones:

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