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Yay! The big 3 search engines come together to support HTML Microdata

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This holds great promise for bringing more meaning to online content. Why didn't we do this a long time ago!!?!?

Good question.

When I first read your headline I wondered who the big three search engines are, because although Google and Bing came to mind, I pretty much think of Yahoo as part of Bing (as is Facebook). Is that an incorrect assumption?

Totally valid point... The comment was rooted in that there are 3 _sites_ primarily used for search, and I guess 2 purveyors of those results. Facebook is part of Bing?!?

Facebook's search results are Bing results.

Therefore it is hard to determine where Facebook ends and Bing begins.

Ahhh, semantic web! The dream that never dies... Pangaea, I think the reason we didn't do this a long time ago is that we found out RICHNESS OF MEANING might not be the hardest part of indexing the web. The most difficult thing is that there is a lot of lying and theft out there... and in fact the people with the strongest incentive to do extra work to get noticed by search engines are not necessarily the sincere original content creators, but the expropriators, spammers, and SEO gamers.

The Internet would be wonderful, were it not for the six types of abuse: misinformation, deceptions, invasions of privacy, offensive material, extremists, and criminal activity.


FWIW Google's webmaster tools does provide feedback on inclusions in your code. See the "Structured Data" tab in their webmaster site.

But I'm noticing they adopt new records at a very SLOW pace, like a few a day. I have thousands on the site in question.

A few a day?! At that rate it'll take years to adopt!!

That only took 10 years.