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April 2012: Quora Raising At A $400M Valuation, With D’Angelo Putting In His Own Money

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This is a joke. $400M valuation on basically no metrics and a great team. There's been almost zero progress since benchmark's round from what i can tell and i think this company has very little chance to become mainstream.

In this case, the founders are able to completely self-fund, so the valuation reflects the demand by an outside party to participate in this financing.

If true, the valuation puts them closer to the Path-BranchOut side of their peers (not a true breakout hit, but has potential) rather than the Evernote-Instagram-Pinterest-Tumblr side of their peers (has broken out):

Remember also that Adam D'Angelo just made a small fortune as an angel investor in Instagram.

He can easily roll the proceeds from that win into Quora.

I also noticed that Marc Andreessen re-engaged with Quora recently.

That helps, too, by showing how easy it is to re-engage with Quora.

More information:

1. Why Quora hasn't raised money until now: They didn't need to.

2. Why Quora is worth a lot: Their traffic is diversified.

3. Why Quora is used more than people think: Their content is spread across multiple interests. 24% were about business and tech, 23% about food and entertainment, 20% about politics and social sciences, 20% about health and life advice, and 13% about other topics.

I just realized Quora actually did raise $50m at that $400m valuation from Matrix and Peter Thiel.

Even though Quora only has single digit millions of visitors each month.

They may not go mainstream, but at this rate they'll last a very long time.

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