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What is it about Mondays? Must they always be like this?

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It's all an illusion.

It feels like one seventh of my life is spent with a case of the Mondays.

How I spend my weekends is key. More friends, more happiness, less dread, less WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!?!

So on Mondays you don't wonder where the weekend went because it went to friends and happiness?

Pretty much. :)

Time perception is a fascinating area.

For example, flow states and the effects of aging. Mind blowing stuff. :O

We've seriously considered making Mondays exclusive for testing each-others projects. Yay or nay?

Mondays may not be the pure soul-sucking evil some make them out to be but there are unique qualities to account for. Work (and email) has often built up over the weekend, people may be more stressed or less focused, etc. Not familiar with the particulars of testing but you may want to account for these factors in your decision-making.

Adam, do you have thoughts?

In general, Mondays are a great day for testing because we come in with a fresh mind.

Fridays are terrible for testing, and they're terrible for rolling out new code, because who wants to deal with something going wrong on a Friday -- or worse, create consequences for the weekend?

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