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How to Build an App Empire: Can You Create The Next Instagram?

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Very detailed.

This is a GREAT article on how to build a great iPhone app.

My favorite part...

Here are some questions to ask while you’re researching successful apps in the market:

  1. Why is this app successful?

  2. What is its rank and has it been consistent?

  3. Why do people want this app? (Look at the reviews.)

  4. Has this app made the customer a raving fan?

  5. Does this app provoke an impulse buy?

  6. Does this app meet any of my needs?

  7. Did I become a raving fan after trying it?

  8. Will the customer use it again?

  9. How are they marketing to their customers? (Check out the screen shots, icon design, and descriptions.)

  10. What is the competitive advantage of this app?

  11. What does this app cost? Are there in-app purchases? Advertisements?

Most developers will build an app and expect tons of people to find and download it right away. That rarely happens.

You have to figure out what people are interested in and the kinds of apps they’re downloading first, then you build your app based on that insight.

Memo to self: Find someone to work on an awesome Icon.

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