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7 steps to being a better person:

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As usual, it's actually more than seven...

Seven is a good number because it seems achievable so I won't psyche myself out.

Cracked has six harsh truths that will make you a better person:

So much good stuff in there!

My favorite:

Your context dramatically affects your behavior.

So manipulating your context is the easiest, most painless way to change yourself.

I also like that ethical people are happier.

I just re-read this article and enjoyed it again!

This time the ending resonated with me the most:

Little things can make a difference:

  1. Play music with positive lyrics.
  2. Clean smells and the odor of cookies both make you behave better.
  3. Keep the area warm.
  4. Get outside in nature.
  5. Read fiction.

Read the whole article:

That one about keeping the area warm is a little dumb. What you really want is to make the venue A LITTLE TOO SMALL. That forces people to stand in closer proximity, and to warm each other up physically and socially. Even having to say "Is someone sitting in this chair?" is a decent icebreaker which transitions easily to a more substantive question. I believe it's a well-known aphorism in party planning that a too-large venue will inevitably result in a sure-fire dud -- think middle-school dances -- because people will never be forced to talk to each other.

That makes sense. Thank you for the correction. 

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