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A Charlie Brown Christmas - Neatorama

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The preview went over like the proverbial lead balloon. Everyone present thought the show was a huge disaster, a total flop, and predicted it would lay an ostrich-sized egg. The sour-faced CBS suits curtly told Melendez and Mendelson, "We will, of course, air it next week -but we won't be ordering any more."

Terrified, the two producers commiserated and said to themselves, "We've just ruined Charlie Brown!"

A Charlie Brown Christmas aired on CBS on Saturday, December 9, 1965 (following an episode of Gilligan's Island). To the surprise (shock) of creators and executives alike, A Charlie Brown Christmas was a huge popular and critical success. Fifty percent of American televisions tuned in to watch the Peanuts gang celebrate the Yuletide.

I wonder why they were shocked that it was popular.

Just because it didn't test well? Sometimes test audiences get it wrong.

FIFTY PERCENT of Americans tuned in? Wow, I miss the 1960s.

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