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This is you... Liking your own Facebook status. Fishing for compliments.

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That lion pretty much sums it up.

There's a fine line between liking and licking.

Posting photos taken by themselves:

Fishing for compliments - When I see people posting photos taken by themselves.

Still fishing for compliments...

Fishing for compliments

fishing for compliments

fishing for compliments

Keep fishing.

OMG i look so ugly in this picture, hair is a mess, no make up on, i hate my boobs and my ass :( - Imgur

To the minority who hates sob stories, I see them this way too. - Imgur

Olivia Munn fish gif

dont mind me just fishing for attention meme Imgur

This is you licking your own Facebook status:

when you LIKE your own post meme Imgur Tumblr hot lick this is you licking your own Facebook status

Imgur comments:

Peoples' response:

attention whore muppets gif Imgur

Fishing for attention's response:

like I give a fuck gif

Don't mind me, I'm just fishing for compliments:

Liking your own status is like high fiving yourself in public.

This is you liking your own Facebook status

This is you liking your own Facebook status

Like your own Facebook status

Some people just need a high-five. In the face. With a chair.

hearting your own tumblr instagram facebook twitter

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