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Ludum Dare » Ludum Dare 25

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Here is the link In it you play as an evil hacker trying to break into Santa's air-gapped servers and delete the naughty list. There are 4 puzzles, where you need to enter the correct PIN or password, and can see the code that the given computer is running, which is either written in C or Python.

The puzzles cover

Simple maths

A very easy application-specific buffer overflow

Integer overflow

SQL injection

I'm sure it will be too basic for most people here, but it was probably a bit too esoteric for most of the developers in the competition, so there might just be some beginners here who might get something out of it.

Sadly there is no web version, so if you want to try it, you can run the binary I provided if you're brave, or run the source if you have python, pygame and pyOpenGL.

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