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‘Breaking Bad’ Season 4 Finale

 Breaking Bad Season 4 Finale


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While it may have been true that Gus did, indeed, need to die, it was amazingly revealed that the puppet master behind this decision, behind forcing the hand of everyone involved, was Walter. Secretly poisoning Brock to lure Jesse into his calculated plan and unwittingly coaxing Hector into sacrificing his life to kill an enemy, Walter quickly became the man that he feared most – a man who not only decided the best decision for himself, but also forced others into believing that it was the best for them, as well.

So, while the majority all expected resolutions may have occurred, the one unexpected resolution – the one that was staring us all in the face, from the very beginning, still remains: Walter White. From the beginning of the series, Walter has continued to traverse a dark and mysterious path – all while attempting to present a morally sound conviction. Though it may have taken this long to fully reveal itself, the intentions of Walter White are now apparently clear.

âBreaking Bad' Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

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