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Should Google build Instagram or Pinterest?

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My first instinct is no. 

Instagram and Pinterest aren't magical because of the underlying technology. Between the two of them they own no patents. 

Instagram and Pinterest aren't even magical for the user experience. Everything they do can be replicated by talented mobile and web developers. 

The reason Instagram and Pinterest are magical is SYNDICATION. 

Once I've taken a filtered photo or chosen a curated image, I share it not only with my Instagram and Pinterest followers.

I share it with my Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr networks. 

This does 3 things for me:

1. It gives me extra ego gratification for the same amount of work. Bonus!

2. It helps me get more feedback by employing several of my networks instead of just one at a time.

3. It invites people I care about on Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr, to join me on Instagram and Pinterest. 

Google+ has been designed from the start to be a place to engage with people who choose not to spend as much time on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

For that, I don't need the features that Instagram and Pinterest offer.

All I need is what Google+ currently offers: a textarea and the ability to share a link, photo, or video.

Google+ is its own, separate network. Syndicating content between networks would destroy what makes Google+ unique.

noooooooooooooooooo... pix are so about they make a search results interface that is useful and has just even a COUPLE of elements of design in it... sorry, #rant ;-\

Christine, it's good to rant.

The thing is, neither Instagram nor Pinterest has decent search.

Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to search such content?

yes! i worked on a system 13 years ago where our search was image based -- we selected an image, ran it through some algorithms and BAM! had data and other images that were related. how cool would it be if i uploaded my twitter profile pic and then all info related to me was returned, organized in a visually intuitive way and - the best part of all - could be filtered in the view based on my preferences, not google's...

my five year old calls google "the googlies" which for some reason always make me think of the movie "gremlins" and because of that seems to be a hilarious fit...because i really can't believe after all the $$$ and other cool stuff google HAS made and done my search results are still a list of hyperlinks...

one day, ask me why my iphone makes me hate the internet....

omg...there i go again... stop me! ;O)

I love the notion that search could filter your view based on your preferences.

There IS Google image search, which is more than just hyperlinks. But you make a good point: it should be better.

And feel free to start a new convo and rant about why iPhone makes you hate the Internet.

Microsoft seems to be the master of the follow. Google not so much.

Google followed Yahoo Maps with Google Maps.

Google followed Yahoo Mail with Gmail.

Google followed iPhone with Android.

Google followed Dropbox with Gdrive.

Google can follow when they want to.

Great points if not obvious, Adam. Which if obvious leads one to wonder why I didn't think of it that way. You're quite right.

Sometimes our brains just need a little piece of information, and everything becomes clearer.

Adam, you have such an awesome mind.  I didn't get any of that until you had to spell it out to us.


Sometimes I even manage to be correct.