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The 27-player solution to Baseball's DH dilemma...

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Bruce Jenkins of SF Gate says now that we're going to expand MLB, we should also expand each team's roster.

He uses the Giants game where they played 20 players to illustrate:

The National League's roster crisis reached the point of absurdity during the Giants' weekend series in New York. It took just a single bit of misfortune - Ryan Theriot's illness - to throw them into a state of desperation.

Holding a 3-2 lead in the sixth inning Friday night and needing a pinch-hitter for Barry Zito, manager Bruce Bochy turned to Matt Cain. With bench options dwindling to zero the following day, Aubrey Huff was thrown into action at second base. The result was rampant embarrassment and a highly substandard caliber of play.

I've got a suggestion that wouldn't merely fix this league-wide problem. It also would save baseball from the disheartening fate of designated hitters in both leagues. The answer is a 27-man roster - giving each team two additional players.

Unnatural acts like making a pitcher pinch-hit and making a first baseman play second base can be fixed with the addition of two more players on the roster.

Bochy didn't have a choice because a 12-man pitching staff (common throughout the game) limits his bench to five - and make that four if someone isn't available that day.

I rather like the idea of letting teams have a seven-man bench.

That would particularly help a team like the Giants, who like to keep trying out new players.

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