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Andrew Luck is big on brawn, even bigger on brain

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Most of this article is a surprisingly scientific discussion of how elite quarterbacks need to process information.

"The scientific literature on quarterback cognition is remarkably thin, leaving theory and speculation to fill the void. Stanford neuropsychologist Peter Karzmark believes Luck may have a highly efficient "executive capacity," which Karzmark defines as "a group of abilities that are involved in independently planning and organizing what you do, particularly in novel or complex situations.""

How many super-high-cognition elite quarterbacks in the NFL right now are there, really?

Manning, Manning, Brady, Rodgers, and Brees. Anyone else?

And yet: by position, Offensive Tackles and Centers score higher than Quarterbacks on the NFL's preferred intelligence test:

Too bad being smart doesn't have any effect on performance.

The combine is worthless too, btw.

The Merc article was about, essentially, pattern matching at very high speed and very high risk. That doesn't have much to do with general intelligence, does it?

At all levels, our brain is just a massive pattern-matching machine.

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