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How 'Do Not Track' Could Kill The Internet Startup Economy - Forbes

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I beg to differ. If DNT only kills startups who's existence relies on the display advertising space, then how much do they deserve to exist? Startup companies should exist to bring goodness to the world, not to become hosts for parasites. ♫ Smallest violin the world playing... ♫

I'm with you, Dave. The following is ridiculous:

The irony, of course, is that many of these startups, out of desperation, would continue to serve ads. But, instead of offering pertinent ads, we might find ourselves going back at least ten years to a time when flashing monkey display ads littered our screens, begging for our attention, with the ridiculous hope that we might actually feel compelled to click on them. Because there would be no intelligence behind these systems to understand the relevancy of each ad, most of the online ad models that startups utilize today would be rendered useless overnight. Websites would be littered with totally useless and awkward advertising.

We'll never go back to "Punch the Monkey" ads.

We'll just get better at being relevant WITHOUT using personal data.

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