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The best interface is no interface

The best interface is no interface


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Why do so many people confuse UX with menus and icons?

From the article:

Principle 1: Eliminate interfaces to embrace natural processes.

Several car companies have recently created smartphone apps that allow drivers to unlock their car doors. Generally, the unlocking feature plays out like this:

  1. A driver approaches her car.

  2. Takes her smartphone out of her purse.

  3. Turns her phone on.

  4. Slides to unlock her phone.

  5. Enters her passcode into her phone.

  6. Swipes through a sea of icons, trying to find the app.

  7. Taps the desired app icon.

  8. Waits for the app to load.

  9. Looks at the app, and tries figure out (or remember) how it works.

  10. Makes a best guess about which menu item to hit to unlock doors and taps that item.

  11. Taps a button to unlock the doors.

  12. The car doors unlock.

  13. She opens her car door.

Thirteen steps later, she can enter her car.

The app forces the driver to use her phone. She has to learn a new interface. And the experience is designed around the flow of the computer, not the flow of a person.

If we eliminate the UI, we’re left with only three, natural steps:

  1. A driver approaches her car.

  2. The car doors unlock.

  3. She opens her car door.

Anything beyond these three steps should be frowned upon.

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