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SDP For Telcos - Alan Quayle's 2012 review

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Good overview of SDP deployments for Telcos

Dare I ask what SDP is? :)

Service Delivery Platform - the software and hardware stack to connect to the telco infrastructure so that we can send SMS, MMS, emails, etc.

To date, I have seen PandaWhale to stash social and 'webby' content.  I am going to see how it works w/ 'research' content and put together for others in that vertical to review/share...I don't need a blog, evernote, etc.  Don't know if I am using PandaWhale incorrectly but it sure looks like I can stash content and share w/ others (yes, its public and not a 'controlled' share but hey that's what a blog does too!).

What do you think?  Are there better ways for me to do this and avoid the 'incorrect' use of your application?

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