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UniversityNow: college education priced like a cable bill.

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From Joe Hurd's post:

If you want a college education but don’t want to drown in debt, go to

Take as many college courses as you want to for $199.00 a month. That’s $796 per semester.

That’s a four-year college degree – accredited, with transferrable credits – for $6,368.00.

Here’s last month’s press release, and a great article from the Chronicle of Higher Education.

People are starting to notice.

That seems pretty reasonably priced for a college education.

The only problem is that most learning I did in college was not in class.

Perhaps hybrid community colleges could offer these classes PLUS community?

Most of the learning I did was not in class. Is this common? Does it relate to our personality? Our major? ... hmmm ...

I'm sure major had something to do with it.

And probably personality had something to do with it, too.

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