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Defense of Nudity in Game of Thrones

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My friend Anna Holmes wrote her column for the Washington Post this week about the nudity of Game of Thrones in which I’m the main voice speaking out in the show’s defense. I ended up writing her some long thoughts on the subject, far more than she needed, so I thought I’d condense them here because it turns out, though I’ve written about almost everything else when it comes to the show, I haven’t written about nudity and its uses. So here we go…

The Washington Post piece is fairly balanced.

Is nudity used both artfully AND to get people to watch the show? Yes.

Does it detract from people enjoying the show? I don't think so.

I think Alyssa's blog post is eloquent in expressing how nudity is used to convey a range of raw emotions.

It's also a common bond of humanity: we're all born into this world naked.

I think it's sad these defenses even need to take place. I don't remember huge issues made over a character dying by having molten metal poured on his head but showing a boob needs debate...

You make a good point that the violence goes unquestioned, and the critics make a big deal of the average 5.6 boobs per episode of Game of Thrones in season 1.


That is the worst infographic I've ever seen, but the title of the episode with zero is pretty funny.

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