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Beatles Abbey Road Crossing gif

Beatles Abbey Road Crossing gif

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The Beatles inspire The Ministry of Silly Walks.

Ministry of Silly Walks

Scooby Gang walks, too.

Scooby Doo gang walk gif

Mokiki does the Sloppy Swish.

Sloppy Swish - PandaWhale

context meme

QWOP Together right now over me...

Haters gotta hate. Beatles gotta beat.

Haha I love it. I have it as a big poster on my wall. I wish we'd be able to have animated paper already. Move your fat ass Sillycone Valley, Rowling is in da place.

Excellent, and even better with gifsound.

I do love the idea of animated paper.

It's coming. Some companies are already working on flexible e-books you could fold and put in your pocket, like a real book. But it will still be pretty thick I guess. I'm sure there's the science we need already in the Condensed Matter (field of fundamental physics) to make that, but we need some genius engineers to understand it and make something useful of it for the society, like animated paper!

What about making pandawhale a possible hoster of gifsounds? It doesn't look that much difficult to implement (with your skills), and you can probably ask the creators to help.

Heh heh but gifsound is so good at it!

I'm more thinking about animated paper...

Well, on the Internet it already exists, it's called a gif! Gifsound is functional but ugly. : P

If you find/do more about animated paper keep us updated. ^^

Will do! And I see your point about ugly...

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