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Wireless AirPlay speaker from a Raspberry Pi

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To get a Raspberry Pi looking like an airplay receiver I made use of Shairport. This opensource software was created by James Laird after literally tearing open an airport express, dumping the ROM and reverse engineering out the private cryptographic key that airplay uses to identity of legitimate apple products. The github repo has the Perl source code that can be compiled for simple audio receiving only. For this project we essentially need to get this code running on a networked raspberry pi.

I’ll condense this down to the bare instructions for a working outcome. On the way here I had attempted many other ways to do it. I flirted with XBMC, creating a reasonably ok Apple TV-like system in the process. But frequent crashes caused me to divert my attention to this simpler, audio-only solution.

You know, if they figure out Video airplay too, this could be really useful.

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