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Steubenville Covers For Its High School Football Stars/Rapists

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Not an easy story to watch unfold.

This is terrible: "​In mid-2012, Steubenville Ohio players on the Big Red High School football team drugged a 16-year-old girl, urinated on her unconscious body, dragged and paraded her around at parties, and raped her. Most of the culprits went uncharged, but Anonymous is trying to change that."

Yup.  Here in the U.S.  

I just saw a photo of the Anonymous protest:

We all hate rapists. Together we will stop rape enablers. ~Anonymous

The widespread condemnation is a bright side and a sign of things to come, I hope.  The legal world is woefully behind so maybe if the people remedy this outrage, future victims will avoid the legal system altogether.  PS: That sign is so right on.  

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