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PandaWhale's Top Google Search Phrases

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Here are the PandaWhale posts that Google brought those people to:

1. Fuck the world. I am a panda!

2. Just wax and shave your balls with vaseline, guys. It only takes a little bit of time each day.

3. SNL's Game of Thrones parody

4. One does not simply...

5. I hate when Google finishes my sentences.

Four months later here are ten of the most popular search terms that bring people to PandaWhale:

1. 15 foods you can grow from stems

2. Olympics yellow shoes

3. Paul Ryan shirtless

4. Michelle Jenneke Oympics

5. Walk Jog Run Sprint Bolt

6. Oppa Panda Style

7. Olympic Boner

8. Old Spice Muscle Music

9. Rosewood Hotel prostitution

10. Dog costume carrying a gift

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