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What little things can help you live to 100?

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None of that "eat right and exercise" stuff here. Let's focus on things people might actually do.

Eric, I LOVE your roll-up posts!

Here's my favorite ones:

Connecting with others can be more important than exercise. Only connect.

Spend time with friends. Loneliness can kill you. Be social.

Blaming others can make you ill. Forgive. Forgiving makes you healthier.

I think the era of big data will be interesting because we will get more information like this about the health effects of behaviors that in the past had been too hard to quantify.

Quantified self has a lot of people in Silicon Valley excited, but we're not seeing a lot of quality recommendations from it yet.

It's early days, I'm sure.

Once it's all passively captured on our phones (which is pretty much inevitable) we'll see a quantum leap overnight.

And until then, we have the mind-blowing, treat-me-for-OCD-will-you-please Feltron Report!

Believe it or not this is the first I've heard of the Feltron Report.

I just lost 15 minutes reading his Tumblr:

As much as physical health isn't on that list - I'm shooting for 125+ and hedging my bets by keeping my carcass healthy. 

I'm also a huge fan of all that kissing/sex/orgasm stuff and think it's possibly the most under-rated way to stay healthy, happy, connected, etc. 

There's a raft of research/writing/experiments going on around the upsides of sex - maybe Eric can write about it next month ;-)

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