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90% of The Web was created in the last two years.

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So says the CEO / Co-founder of Bloomreach Raj De Datta in this TechCrunch article.

I see no referenced source for this claim, though, so it could be utterly false.

Just Facebook activity, photo uploads, and porn makes me give it the benefit of the doubt...

(FYI: that porn link is totally safe for work. It's just stats. Pandawhale discussion about it here.)


I'll make a stronger statement that 100% of Instagram and Pinterest content were created in the last two years.

Also 99%+ of Tumblr and 9gag content were created in the last two years.

Not sure if Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Blogs follow those same percentages, but I could see it.

I'm also wondering about The Future.

Will it be the case in 2 years that what we now know as The Web represents just a tenth of what will then be The Web?

That is, does The Web grow tenfold every two years?

Or are we in a particularly prolific period of growth?

As more video comes online I can only guess the amount of raw bits will explode. As more processes are automated, that will drive content volume up dramatically as well.

Which begs the question: when do we hit the next paradigm shift? Basically, when does the question not make sense anymore -- when does the web stop growing because it's not the web, it's now something else.

Hopefully not this. :P

But your discussions about the open web are relevant here as we see what was the open web splinter. There's also been plenty of talk about the deep web, darknet, etc.

Will everything be encased in a Facebook closed sub-network? Or spread across thousands of apps? Or will some entirely new network spring up around mobile?

I'd say that any of those future scenarios are possible.

My goal is to make sure that The Web is open and available to anyone who wants to publish to it WITHOUT forcing it to be tied to their Facebook identity.

Blogs, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr all contribute to that goal.

More services need to. Instagram was well on its way before it got acquired...

Mobile is a wild west right now. Lots of things happen and/or spread on mobile without Facebook -- Angry Birds, Pulse, Instapaper, Square, and Evernote being examples.

Hmmm sounds suspiciously close to this claim.

Both The Web and Human Data are 10x-ing every 2 years? It's plausible.

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